About us

FinanceProfessors.com from Educators Guild offers a bouquet of training programmes in the financial services sector for both students as well as working professionals. FinanceProfessors.com is a collective of professionals with substantial experience of working with some of the largest financial services organizations and educational institutions in the world. Our unique blend of academic and real-world experience has led us to develop training programmes that reflect the requirements of organizations that have to work in an extremely competitive and an increasingly unpredictable business environment.

Educators Guild Private Limited is a leading provider of skill-based training programmes in various fields such as Banking, Finance, Management, Insurance and Technology that help to address the unique challenges of an increasingly competitive and challenging global environment. Our programmes prepare our students for various internationally recognized professional qualifications, giving them the necessary edge to succeed in their careers. Our faculty and subject matter experts have been associated with some of the best organizations across the world and have extensive years of experience in their respective domains. Our mission is to bring about a democratization of education by increasing accessibility to quality content and training.

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